GlocaMe Inside LTE Intelligent Module

With continuous expansion of the application of IoT, uCloudlink has cooperated with many leading module manufacturers. The Qualcomm series LTE smart modules by Quectel, Neoway and MeiG are now supporting Cloud SIM technology of uCloudlink. By upgrading the underlying code to the appropriated version, the hardware design of modules do not need any changes.

Why uCloudlink's Smart Module for IoT Enablement?

Full-standard with global frequency band and multiple data interface for various OS

No extra CPU / GPU needed nor hardware re-design

Available from pilot test to scalable project deployment

Fully support from integration to platform development

LTE Data Transmission Communication Module

M3B is an IoT & M2M communication module based on uCloudlink Cloud SIM technology. It supports global frequency bans and various interfaces and provides SIM-free and cross-operator wireless connection service for industries such as industrial IoT, vending machines, advertising display, security and video surceillance, etc.

Technical Advantages of uCloudlink's M3B:

Instead of acquiring SIM cards, mobile data is available for online purchase

No contract bundling with single operator

Auto selection for the best cost performance

No roaming charge but the local rate

Smart signal selection in the network of 300+ carriers.

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