Core Offerings

Partners select Cloud SIM technology to serve their customers, but data service products is opened to be purchased from any channels. Partners with competitive data service prices in some regions may entrust SIM cards data to uCloudlink to apply CloudSIM technology. uCloudlink will continuously optimize the management algorithm of SIM cards, continuously improve the utilization rate and enhance the profitability of partners.

The uCloudlink SaaS/PaaS platform integrates the relevant resources of data service suppliers, terminal suppliers and application developers, dynamically allocates them to end users to enhance user experience. It also facilitates the transaction between demand side and supply side of data service and improves the utilization rate of network resources.


• Powerful

Centralized hosting of SIM card resources in over 140 countries worldwide; Support more than 250,000 users to be concurrently online.

• Scalable

The platform manager may obtain the information about the usage of existing network resources in real time and make impromptu decision to adjust resources to match needs.

• Holistic

Provide all encompassing software services such as user management, backend operation and system monitoring, allowing partners in various industries to start their business quickly and maintain low operation and maintenance costs.

• Open

Support open API interface, to achieve deep integration with other platforms.

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