HyperConn® super conntection technology  is that a intelligent communication terminal (or partner's terminal) cooperates with cloud computer server software system to jointly realize terminal’s connection to networks, anytime, anywhere,and freely around the world, which is independently designed and developed by uCloudlink Cooperation itself. The characteristics of this super communication connection tecnology include:

(1) ‘5 crosses’: ensuring the ‘5 Cross’ in the network environment of the Metaverse, including ‘Cross Physical Boundaries’, ‘Cross SIM Forms Factors’, ‘Cross Operators’, ‘Cross Nations’ and ‘Cross Levels’ which allow users to freely connect to the optimal network anytime and anywhere in the world without restrictions. It is guaranteed by proprietary technology in anti-congestion, network coverage, high bandwidth, low latency, high speed, etc. That improve the end-to-end experience effect and ensure the immersion of all applications in the "Metaverse".

(2)‘3 methods’: In the meantime, through identification, monitoring, and optimization, the key applications of Metaverse applications can monitor and optimize the user experience at each level, including access layer, network layer and application layer), thus, providing high-quality connections.

(3)‘2 targets’:  above all, the HyperConn® super conntection achieves the targets of ‘information security ’and ‘ reliable connection’.

Specifically, HyperConn® can connect Metaverse related applications to all available networks without restriction, including fixed broadband, WiFi, 4G and 5G mobile networks as well as satellite and LoRa. It can also allocate and adjust better network resources for users and application in the real time through the detection and algorithm of network indications such as network speed, coverage, delay and congestion, etc. Through algorithm dispatching and instant network reselection technology, it can help the applications connecting to the most suitable network that maximize the utilization of Metaverse connection with high quality network connection service -no congestion, high bandwidth, low latency and high-speed.

This crossing of different levels of obstacles, allowing not one, but multiple broadband signals not only as a backup, but full utilization for best performance, is like a car is finally able to make use of all lanes available on a highway without needing to stop for tolls and other barricades.

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