Core International Mobile Data Service Offerings

We provide global mobile data service with our self-owned brand, GlocalMe portable Wi-Fi devices and smart phone. We also provide leasing (Self-owned brand, partner brand and retail), IoT international roaming and other related services to provide reliable, high quality and inexpensive mobile internet connection to travelers while abroad. uCloudlink is now a leading solution provider for international roaming.

Provide global mobile data connectivity service for cross-border travelers.


GlocalMe is a mobile data connection solution brand that help users across the world to access mobile internet data more efficiently with a range of our own hard ware and software products. We strive for enabling best user experience on various increased intensity online services requiring stable and high speed data connection. 

Always better connected is what we strive to help our users, as we firmly believe when everyone is seamlessly connected, we will benefit from the better understanding and bonding with each other.

GlocalMe Rental

GlocalMe Rental (previous Roaming Man) is an in-house Wi-Fi rental business operated by uCloudlink applying our patented CloudSIM technology. The experience and resources of this profitable leasing model are invaluable and can be shared with our global partners.
Wi-Fi Rental service provides international data coverage over 150 countries across 6 continents. Easy booking, pick-up/delivery with 24/7 customer service in both English and Chinese is provided through hotlines, live chat, Facebook, Wechat, and more channels.
● Rental service launched in 2014 and maintained high growth every year even during COVID-19 providing local broadband WiFi rental.
● Became the market leader in China since 2017
● Expand to 3 other countries in 2019


For enterprises with a large number of employees travelling frequently overseas, flexible, efficient and reliable mobile connection is required to avoid wasting valuable resources when abroad. The total expenditure incurred during a trip justify the high roaming costs to increase efficiency for best return. uCloudlink provides a better solution by offering a selection of convenient options and diverse plans for reliable international mobile data. Our flexible global data roaming service plan tailor made for companies allow better cost savings, resource management and support. Our present clients include: CCB International, ING Group, Kering, PwC, etc.

GlocalMe ® Inside

GMI (GlocalMe ® Inside) is a mobile data service jointly provided by uCloudlink and third-party partners. There is no need to modify the hardware of a mobile phone, by simply installing GlocalMe App and necessary software codes onto a mobile phone, users may purchase data service through APP and instantly enjoy data services. It is the most efficient and convenient solution, saving the trouble of pick-up and returning Wi-Fi device, and carrying separate devices.


Companies with on the ground resources such as airport counters, retail outlets, also SIM card and or Wi-Fi leasing business, mobile operators or entrants thinking of ways to diversify business all over the world can become our partners. uCloudlink provide a wide range of top quality products and data services, using lean and agile model to lower entry barrier for our partners, in exchange for partners' local resources and understanding of users, enabling synergy for both parties to grow exponentially in the region, benefitting end users, partners and uCloudlink.

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Cross-border IoT

The current IoT is dominated by applications within a country provided by a single mobile operator. uCloudlink's Cloud SIM technology can provide interconnection of everything in cross-border scenarios and provide solutions to various industry verticals including cross border trade, logistics control etc.

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