Our uCloudlink cloud SIM platform is designed for sharing mobile data connectivity services by allocating the SIM cards remotely and dynamically to users. All users can access and use the SIM card resources in our distributed SIM card pool supplied by different network operators via our platform.

Catering to different business needs, uCloudlink classifies its business into three categories: UCL 1.0, UCL2.0 and UCL3.0;

UCL1.0: It mainly provides cross-border mobile data services between countries, including GMI mobile phone roaming, WIFI leasing (private brand Roamingman and partner’s brands), WIFI retail and other related services uCloudlink 1.0 model focuses on cross-border travelers that need mobile data connectivity services across different countries.

UCL2.0: It mainly provides data connection in countries and regions where users have travelled to, such as home broadband, GMI mobile phone data service, IoT (Internet of Things) data service and other related services; uCloudlink 2.0 model aims to provide mobile data connectivity services to local users across different MNOs in a single country.

UCL3.0: Operators and users may share data service or conduct data service transactions at their own will. Under uCloudlink 3.0 model, which is in its trial stage, users may share and trade their unused data allowance through our cloud SIM architecture.

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