UCL 1.0 – Global Connectivity

Products of this stage include Pocket Wi-Fi leasing (self-owned brand or partner's brands), mobile Wi-Fi retail, GMI mobile phone roaming, and other related services, uCloudlink 1.0 model focuses on cross-border travelers that need mobile data connectivity services across different countries.

UCL 2.0 – Local Connectivity

Products of this stage include home broadband, GMI mobile phone data service, IoT (Internet of Things) data service and other related services; uCloudlink 2.0 model aims to provide mobile data connectivity services to local users across different MNOs in a single country.

UCL 3.0 – Complete Sharing

Operators and users may conduct data service transactions at their own will. Under uCloudlink 3.0 model, which is in beta trial, users may share and trade their unused data through our Cloud SIM architecture.

Our platform is designed to share mobile data by allocating multiple SIM cards from different operators remotely and dynamically. The three stages UCL1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 covered diverse international, domestic and personal demand.

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