Finding Partners to Share our success

The need for high-speed internet accelerated. What does that mean for you?

If you have a vast distribution channel, loyal consumer base, and out-of-the-box business vision, you can harvest the opportunity of this vibrant, growing and profitable industry.

All you need is the right partner with high-performing, easily deployable, cost-effective and secure wireless solutions that can set you up for success.


For Distributors and retailers with access to multiple distribution networks and sales channels, looking to carry top-rated consumer products with healthy margins and high inventory turn-over.

System Integrators Partner 

System integration with GlocalMe enables communication between your business and customers. Our platform flexibly supports your operation, monitoring, business intelligence at any scale.

Co-branding Partner

Create innovative co-branding WiFi hotspot products to solve your consumers' pain points and create the first-movers advantage.

Our busines model allows partners to participate in its fast-growing business, connect us today for exploring the opportunities of earning new revenue.

Partner with Us Now

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