In accordance with its products, service and operational capabilities, uCloudlink has developed several cooperation models to meet the demands of different partners. Today, uCloudlink has established extensive business cooperation with thousands of enterprises around the world.

uCloudlink's standard cooperation model includes:

Service operators

MNOs and MVNOs provide SIMs and mobile data service in batch to uCloudlink or appoint uCloudlink as their distributor

MNOs/MVNOs acquire products and data service from uCloudlink in batch and resell to their own customers. It helps to enhance their international roaming service rapidly

Travel Industry

Aviation, hospitality, OTA and other travel-related organizations provide value-added service to overseas travelers by acquiring products and service of uCloudlink.

GlocalMe Distributors and Retailers

E-commerce platforms, physical stores, airlines and airport duty-free sales, etc., purchase in batch uCloudlink’s products and service and resells to its end users.

Roaming Data Service Franchisee/Agent

Acquire products and service in batch to provide Wi-Fi hotspot rental service and cross-border mobile internet service

System Integrator

Acquire products and service in batch to integrate into its own solutions and then sell to the end customers

IoT Integrators

Acquire in batch modules of CloudSIM cards and other equipment. Integrate them into total solution to deliver to end users.

Enterprise Customers

Acquire products and service in batch to provide data service to its employees and customers

SIM Card Reseller

Transit from sales of SIM cards to sales of network data service.

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