English Customer Service


1. Use online instant chat software to communicate with users timely, understand users' needs, deal with user related enquiries and network fault complaints;

2. Respond to users by email within required time limit, respond to users' needs and express kind greetings;

3. Solve customer problems by phone or other software, answer customer questions accurately, and deal with customer complaints in real time;

4. Accurately input and summarize customer problems, and push technical department to track and solve the problems;

5. Accurately input and summarize customer problems, and push technical department to track and solve the problems;

6. Track the services, care for the customers, and improve customer satisfaction.


1. College degree or above, cet-6, good written English, fluent oral English;

2. Quick thinking, quick response and service awareness;

3. Good professional ethics, good learning ability, customer service awareness and teamwork spirit;

4. Positive, full of passion, good ability to cope with stress, strong sense of responsibility, able to balance night work and rest time;

5. It is acceptable to work night shift from 20:30 to 08:30 (the second day), and the night shift is on duty at home. The night shift days are no more than 15 days per month;

6. English major or telecommunication related working experience is preferred.

Senior Java Engineer


1. Responsible for the company's cloud platform related module design and function module development;

2. Responsible for the maintenance and performance optimization of the company's cloud platform;

3. Write technical implementation documents and participate in the validation of technical solutions;

4. Guide Java engineers in daily function development;

5. Provide bug resolution and technical support.


1. Bachelor degree or above, major in computer or computer-related field, more than 5 years of JAVA background development experience;

2. Master object-oriented programming ideas, have standardized code writing habits, and have solid server-side development skills;

3. Proficient in JAVA mainstream framework, Struts, Spring, Hibernate/Myriads, Maven, etc.;

4. Familiar with MySQL, oracle and other mainstream database development, strong SQL writing ability;

5. Familiar with zookeeper, ActiveMQ distributed solution is preferred; Familiar with LINUX common commands; Familiar with HTTP, TCP and other protocols;

6. Strong communication and coordination ability, good sense of responsibility and teamwork ability;

7. Telecom CRM system business development experience is preferred

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