Core Offerings

We offer new local broadband solutions to better meet the daily demand of users, by improving the traditional approach of choosing and subscribing to a sole operator. uCloudlink Cloud SIM technology allow users to dynamically chose the best network coverage, user experience with best cost effectiveness among all available mobile operators, taking into consideration current location.

Provide mobile broadband service through proprietary devices and GMI APP for local users


Tier 2/3 operators may utilize other operators' networks through Cloud SIM to make up for insufficient network coverage and/or capacity, improve utilization rate of network, focus on improving the capacity and user experience of high value and regions, and improve the return on investment of their existing network. For small and medium-sized operators with insufficient network coverage and limited user base, they could sell network data services through uCloudlink platform to enhance profitability.

GMI Local

GMI (GlocalMe ® Inside) is a mobile data service jointly provided by uCloudlink and third-party partners. There is no need to modify the hardware of a mobile phone, by simply installing GlocalMe App and necessary software codes onto a mobile phone, users may purchase data service through APP and instantly enjoy data services.

GMI service is not a substitution for the existing service of mobile operators, but an add-on, to improve network coverage or capacity. GMI service assists new operators to make use of the existing networks, enable them to lower barrier of entry and make best use of their resources to capture market demands.

Local Broadband

Wireless home broadband with fast subscription, high speed, and high average return can replace fixed network and become the mainstream solution for home broadband. Home broadband is also 5G's most important, mature and earliest commercial application.

Cloud SIM technology integrated services of all operators and overcome the location centric nature of traditional wireless home broadband services. Users do not have to choose operators time and again, nor do they have to worry about changes in addresses. Bandwidth of traditional mobile Wi-Fi might not be able to meet the requirements of home use.

We provide a solution which has best mobility, top connection speed at the best price via aggregating multiple operators’ services with our patented cloud SIM technology and full suite of Mobile Wi-Fi/CPE products.


uCloudlink can provide data service through self-developed IoT modules or through modules developed by partners integrated with CloudSIM functions, solving pain points such as insufficient coverage of a single operator and inflated data service prices, facilitating the application of IoT, and lower the operating cost of E2E.

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