About uCloudlink

uCloudlink was originally founded in 2014. The company strives to provide global mobile data service to billions of users. uCloudlink established the first mobile data transaction platform based on using the CloudSIM Solution. “GlocalMe” and “Roamingman” respectively are the own consumer brand and Wi-Fi rental service brand of our company.

In September 2015, uCloudlink launched the world’s first universal 4G roaming-free mobile Wi-Fi device, GlocalMe G2. Users can use G2 with no local SIM card and start up at high speed in more than 100 countries around the world. In April 2018, we released the self-developed global phone, truly achieving ‘mobile phone with own data flow, connect global, pay local.’

As of 2019Q1, the total number of employees is around 800, with more than 40% of them are R&D engineers. The company owns 70+ technical patents. So far, uCloudlink has 20+ branches all over the world. 


Connecting and Sharing without Limitations


Make people stay more connected and maximize network utilization through mobile data traffic sharing

Voice of Our Founders

“How can we make mobile data serve as air, it can be easily obtained by all whenever and wherever you need to go”

Great ideas often evolve from what we encounter, experience, or witness during our daily lives.

The Founders of uCloudlink all used to be the elite administrators or skeleton staffs of large global enterprises. They once sustained the great business responsibilities to run hither and thither around the world. “Keeping in touch” becomes their most important and basic requirement. In the era of mobile broadband, the foundation supporting this requirement is the mobile data connection. But whenever visiting a new country or region, they always suffer from the delay caused by the intricate local SIM procedures, low speed and insecure public internet, and the pricey roaming data or other paid internet charges burden the enterprises...

“How can we make mobile data serve as air, it can be easily obtained by all whenever and wherever you need to go.”

Many successful companies are doing the most basic things. For example, Google provides information searching; Facebook is a place where you can always find your friends; Airbnb provides a place to sleep.

Our services as well target fundamental issue in this modern era by the same token — “mobile connection” and “mobile data”.

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