About uCloudlink

uCloudlink is an innovative mobile technology company that was founded in 2014 and offers the world's first and leading mobile data traffic sharing marketplace based on its Cloud SIM technology. We provide the best global mobile data services to billions of users around the world. “GlocalMe” and “Roamingman” are our brands for data services.

In September 2015, uCloudlink launched GlocalMe G2, the first universal 4G roaming-free mobile Wi-Fi device in the world. Users may use G2 to surf internet at a high speed in many countries around the world without local SIM cards. Leveraging on its cutting-edge Cloud SIM technology, which is capable of significantly cutting down data service costs, uCloudlink emerged as the industry leaders that provides roaming portable Wi-Fi devices, via own and partner's products. In April 2018, we launched World Phone, a roaming-free cell phone with built-in portable Wi-Fi features. In the same year, we used this revolutionary technology to penetrate into local broadband markets. In approximately a year, local broadband products achieved mass application in Japan and China, which proved the value of Cloud SIM’s solution. In 2019, we rolled out GlocalMe Inside (GMI®) service with third party mobile phone maker to increase users rapidly through partner products.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, we have set up branches and subsidiaries and invested in local partners in Mainland China, U.K., U.S.A., Malaysia, Singapore and Japan. The company owns 113 technical patents and services 140 countries and regions.

From the Founders

Great ideas often evolve from our daily life.

The Founders of uCloudlink were from the top management of multinational companies. They travelled to all parts of the world and “staying in touch” became their basic requirement with mobile data connection being the most important when visiting a new country or region, they always suffered from the delay caused by the complex local SIM procedures, low speed and insecure public internet. The pricey roaming service or other exorbitant paid internet charges further burden the enterprises. How could we provide mobile data service in area covered by only one mobile network operator? How to provide better service with lower price in areas covered by multiple operators?

"How could we provide mobile data service so that it could be easily obtained no matter whenever and wherever you are."

Many successful companies are exploring to provide relevant solutions. Cloud SIM is currently a mature and one of the best business solutions as it may allocate SIM card of any operator around the world to any user in the world no matter where you are. Consumers can have access to local operator service and get the best service combination based on coverage, experience and price.

So whether you are on a trip or stay at home, at work or at play, uCloudlink provides you with mobile data connection for better coverage and experience at a more affordable price.

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