About uCloudlink

uCloudlink (Nasdaq: UCL) is an innovative mobile technology company established to offer the world's leading mobile data traffic sharing marketplace based on Cloud SIM technology. We provide the best global mobile data services to billions of users in over 200 countries and regions.

Our Solution

Founders of uCloudlink travelled to all parts of the world for years and "staying in touch" via mobile data became a necessity especially when traversing unknown terrain for the first time. They might suffer from the complex of purchasing local SIM card, insecure public internet, or high roaming cost with low connection speed. Similar pain points are still valid in their home countries as they are restricted to only one operator/network, they cannot access to other mobile networks when out of subscribed operator's coverage, even if they are willing to pay.

On the other hand, MNOs (Mobile Network Operator) provided abundant bandwidth prepared for peak consumption everywhere by heavily investing in infrastructure. But these are underutilized most of the time, The network capacity cannot be sold to other MNO's users because there's no marketplace between the users and MNOs.

"How could we provide better mobile data service whenever and wherever you are?"

Cloud SIM is one of the best solutions available. SIM card of any operators around the world can be allocated to any users at anytime and anywhere. Consumers can gain access to best services provided by multiple local operators, in terms of coverage, experience and price.

Users no longer confine to service of a single network but literally open up the world.


Connecting and Sharing without Limtations


Make people stay more connected and maximize network utilization through mobile data traffic sharing


The fast expansion in region, partners, users and data usage in the past few years proved we are on the right track to provide a unique solution that can address the pain points of both service providers and users.

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