Overseas Promotion of Management Trainee


1. Responsible for overseas product promotion, improve product exposure rate and increase product store flow;

2. Overseas online activity planning, content promotion, video and copy editing;

3. Communicated with the operating department of Amazon, made brand marketing plans and implemented brand marketing plans;

4. Supervised the brand marketing results, regularly followed up the evaluation of promotion effects and made corresponding adjustments in time.


1. Full-time academic degree or above with no restriction on major;

2. Cet-6 or above;

3. Familiar with overseas interactive SNS community websites, Internet celebrities, European and American cultures, etc.;

4. Excellent communication and coordination skills, good data analysis and logical thinking skills.

Business Management Trainee


1. Assisted the superior to explain the operation of new customer import system and followed up the customer signing contract and sent back;

2. Responsible for the online connection and internal running process of new product data;

3. Follow up the customer's preparation and delivery according to the superior's instructions, and follow up the customer's inventory maintenance of the shipped products into the system;

4. Assisted the account manager to make monthly operation budget and follow up the customer's approval of budget;

5. Responsible for making statements, following up with customers to confirm statements, completing reconciliation, and assisting superiors to follow up with customers to pay commissions.


1. Bachelor degree or above, no limitation on major;

2. Patient, careful, with job title nature;

3. Proficient in office software, such as Excel, Word, PPT and PDF;

4. I have a strong sense of responsibility and can draw inferences from experience. I have strong communication and coordination skills and judgment.

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