Japanese Product Manager (Japan)


1. Responsible for the coordination and organization of project resources to ensure that all stakeholders of the project team work together;

2. Responsible for the formulation, tracking and maintenance of the project plan, and determining the progress of the project as planned;

3. Responsible for organizing various project review meetings and regular project meetings;

4. Coordinated the allocation of project resources to ensure the orderly progress of project tasks;

5. Timely identify and track project problems and effectively manage project risks.


1. Work actively, with a high sense of responsibility and project motivation;

2. Proficient in project management theories and knowledge, with agile practice experience;

3. At least 3 years of Internet project management experience;

4. Familiar with software configuration management/version management knowledge and tools;

5. Experience in international distribution projects is preferred;

6. Fluent In Japanese, overseas study experience & Japanese company working experience is preferred

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