As a global mobile data traffic sharing platform listed on the US stock market, UCLOUDLINK GROUP INC. (NASDAQ: UCL) has undergone more than half a year of testing with a world-renowned Metaverse company. On the basis of HyperConn™ connection technology, the advanced connection focusing on Metaverse has been launched, MetaConn™ - the Metaverse Connection Solution. The formally deployment is to provide network connection technology and SaaS and PaaS services for the Metaverse industry. This will further enhance the uCloudlink's technological advantages and competitiveness in network connection, and escort the network environment required to enter the Metaverse Era. uCloudlink focuses on using its patented technology to optimize the necessary elements of the Metaverse from the bottom - "failure proof network connection guarantee", "non-homogeneous network connection capability" and "decentralized the exchange and sharing of data traffic", which are important and have far-reaching implications to the development of Metaverse. 

‘MetaConn™ Metaverse Connection’ comes from the needs of network connection guarantee for the Metaverse

Metaverse, the new industrial trend of “technological innovation" is starting. It is also bringing the new opportunities towards platform ecology, hardware requirements, infrastructure, and content forms. The ideal scenario of the Metaverse can never do without persistent, real-time data transmission and the network connection services with low-latency, high-speed, and high-quality. These factors are not only the keys to ensure that all users can enter the Metaverse anytime, anywhere without interruption of connection, but also to ensure that an immersive, low-latency, synchronous experience in the entire process.

Therefore, the development of the Metaverse is inseparable from the support of high-quality and good networks. As a channel, network connectivity is not only the basis for a new generation of technological progress, but also a key element in the continuous evolution of the Metaverse. This is one of the reasons that uCloudlink steps in the metaverse industry.

uCloudlink provides the ideal channel to connect the Metaverse through MetaConn™

MetaConn™, the Metaverse connection technology and solutions, is developed on the basis of uCloudlink’s HyperConn™ hyperconnectivity technology. It can ensure the ‘5 Cross’ in the network environment of the Metaverse, including ‘Cross Physical Boundaries’, ‘Cross SIM Forms Factors’, ‘Cross Operators’, ‘Cross Nation’ and ‘Cross Levels’ which allow users to freely connect to the optimal network anytime and anywhere in the world without restrictions. It is guaranteed by proprietary technology in anti-congestion, network coverage, high bandwidth, low latency, high speed, etc. that improve the end-to-end experience effect and ensure the immersion of all applications in the "Metaverse".

In the meantime, through identification, monitoring, and optimization, the key applications of Metaverse applications can monitor and optimize the user experience at each level, including access layer, network layer and application layer), thus, providing high-quality connections.

Specifically, MetaConn™ can connect Metaverse related applications to all available networks without restriction, including fixed broadband WiFi, 4G and 5G mobile networks as well as satellite and LoRa. It can also allocate and adjust better network resources for users and application in the real time through the detection and algorithm of network indications such as network speed, coverage, delay and congestion, etc.

Through algorithm dispatching and instant network reselection technology, it can help the applications connecting to the most suitable network that maximize the utilization of Metaverse connection with high quality network connection service -no congestion, high bandwidth, low latency and high-speed.

uCloudlink provides MetaConn™ connection service through SaaS and PaaS

Currently, uCloudlink is cooperating with numbers of VR, AR, AI, cloud, game platforms and more to further enhance the global ecosystem of uCloudlink’s PaaS and SaaS platforms. The launch of MetaConn™ Metaverse Connectivity Services focus on the huge opportunities brought by the continuous increase in demand for high-quality networks in the Metaverse era. The Metaverse application developers and services can enjoy the easy integration through the cloud services.

MetaConn™ is a service carrier of the decentralized traffic exchange and sharing provided by uCloudlink

MetaConn Metaverse connection service turns into the direction of uCloudlink 3.0, which realizes the tokenization of network connection capabilities. Through NFT, it realizes network traffic through non-homogeneous network communication capabilities that provides the exchange and sharing of metaverse connection to Metaverse application service providers and end users, in form of decentralizing network connection service capabilities.

With the gradually universal of "MetaConn™ Metaverse Connection", the demand for network connection will grow explosively. uCloudlink will grow together with Internet industry, to upgrade and improve its product competitiveness continuously. MetaConn™ will support of technical threshold breakthrough of Metaverse and become a solid network connection basic service for all Metaverse operation in the future.

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