As a global mobile data traffic sharing platform listed on the US stock market, UCLOUDLINK GROUP INC. (NASDAQ: UCL) ,based on the HyperConn® hyper-connection technology, further launched the MetaConn® Metaverse System for more complex and rich application scenarios in the Metaverse. The overall solution formally deploys the Metaverse industry, providing network connection technology, a global traffic transaction business platform, and SaaS and PaaS services for the Metaverse industry.  This will further enhance   the uCloudlink's technological advantages and competitiveness in network connection and global traffic sharing, and escort the network environment required to enter the Metaverse Era. uCloudlink focuses on using its patented technology to optimize the necessary elements of the Metaverse from the bottom - "failure proof network connection guarantee", "non-homogeneous network connection capability" and "decentralized the exchange and sharing of data traffic", which are important and have far-reaching implications to the development of Metaverse. 

‘MetaConn®‘ System comes from the needs of guaranted network connection and global data traffic, anywhere & anytime 

Metaverse, the new industrial trend of “technological innovation" is starting. It is also bringing the new opportunities towards hardware requirements, infrastructure, content forms and platform ecology. 

The ideal scenario of the Metaverse can never do without persistent, real-time data transmission and the network connection services with low-latency, high-speed, and high-quality. These factors are not only the keys to ensure that all users can enter the Metaverse anytime, anywhere without interruption of connection, but also to ensure that an immersive, low-latency, synchronous experience in the entire process. Therefore, the development of the Metaverse is inseparable from the support of high-quality and good networks. As a channel, network connectivity is not only the basis for a new generation of technological progress, but also a key element in the continuous evolution of the Metaverse. 

On the other hand, although we are in an open and cooperative global environment, the communication networks of different countries or regions are still "separate", and roaming communication usually has to be paid with extremely "high fees".  It is a huge obstacle for users of the metaverse application, so the demand for high-quality and affordable global traffic sharing is an inevitable trend.

MetaConn® System’s MetaConn® metaverse connection porvides the ideal channel to connect the true world’s users to the metaverse world 

"MetaConn® Metaverse Connection" is a Metaverse connection technology and solution launched by uCloudlink on the basis of "HyperConn® Super Connection Technology", which can ensure the network environment and application of the Metaverse.

HyperConn® super conntection technology  is a Comprehensive technology that a intelligent communication terminal (or partner's terminal) cooperates with cloud computer server software system to jointly realize terminal’s connection to networks, anytime, anywhere,and freely around the world, which is independently designed and developed by uCloudlink Cooperation itself.

See ‘HyperConn® super conntection technology ‘ on

MetaConn System provides sofware & hardware system, and relative services

The MetaConn® software and hardware system independently developed and designed by uCloudlink includes three functional modules: MetaConn® metaverse connection, global traffic transaction and SaaS and PaaS services.

‘MetaConn® system’ as a complete set of software and hardware solutions can realize communication connection and traffic transaction services for enterprise users (such as MNO or MVNO). The overall solution diagram is as follows.

At the same time, the cloud server software of the MetaConn system has an open software architecture, which can provide users with SaaS or PaaS services, that is, enterprise users (such as a MVNO :  mobile virtual network operator) can develop on this software platform themselves, or they can consult with uCloudlink to create custom software solutions.

The cloud server open software architecture diagram of the MetaConn® system is as follows.


(1)BAM:backend adminstration & monitor;

(2)BSS:business support system; 

(3)OSS:operation support system

Currently, uCloudlink is cooperating with numbers of VR, AR, AI, cloud, game platforms and more to further enhance the global ecosystem of uCloudlink’s PaaS and SaaS platforms. The launch of MetaConn® Metaverse Connectivity Services focus on the huge opportunities brought by the continuous increase in demand for high-quality networks in the Metaverse era. The Metaverse application developers and services can enjoy the easy integration through the cloud services.

MetaConn® System is a service carrier of the decentralized traffic exchange and sharing provided by uCloudlink

MetaConn® system not only provides network connection services, but also realizes the sharing and trading of global mobile data traffic on the software and hardware 3.0 system (formerly 2.0). This system uses blockchain technology to tokenize (decentralized, encrypted, traceable) cloud SIM, traffic products, and user transaction information that users (enterprise users, end users, etc.) are most concerned about. You can use virtual currency to buy the traffic products you need anytime and anywhere in the world. Individuals or enterprises can share their SIM card data traffice to the MetaConn® 3.0 system to provide data services to global users.

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