uCloudlink Extends Enterprise Agreement with Leading Chinese Social Media Player
2021-03-02 13:37:34

UCLOUDLINK GROUP INC. (NASDAQ: UCL, "uCloudlink"), the world's first and leading mobile data traffic sharing marketplace, has announced it will continue its partnership with one of China's leading social media players with a renewed two-year enterprise cooperation agreement. As part of its agreement, uCloudlink will continue to provide high-quality reliable mobile network access for employees of the company, both for use in their daily work at home and abroad.

uCloudlink has provided employees of the social media giant with mobile broadband (MBB) terminal products and services. As a widely recognized technology brand, employees conduct a significant portion of their work online and have the highest requirements when it comes to internet connectivity. Using its patented Cloud SIM technology, uCloudlink has enabled staff to remain connected without limitations during frequent domestic and international business trips, while reducing the cost of global roaming.

Travelling between cities and countries has historically been expensive with unreliable data connectivity, leading to lost productivity and excessive costs for employees. uCloudlink addresses these challenges by intelligently increasing network coverage for mobile network operators (MNOs) and elevate their user experience faster and better — allowing users to enjoy superior mobile connectivity across different regions.

Unlike other providers, uCloudlink can acquire data from a wide range of sources, supporting SIM cards from suppliers and connecting to networks of various MNOs. These mobile data connectivity services can also be accessed across smartphones with GlocalMe Inside, regardless of the home mobile network that the user is mainly engaged with. The company also gives enterprises the ability to decouple employees from the traditional SIM card when travelling, with the option to purchase data packages through uCloudlink's GlocalMe Connect mobile application.

With the ability to serve users with data traffic from multiple MNOs' network, uCloudlink empowers companies with the ultimate freedom of choice to select the most optimal data traffic plan based on their employees' actual needs.
Beyond flexibility and freedom, uCloudlink offers stable and reliable connectivity anytime, anywhere. Cloud SIM technology's intelligent network selection capability connects employees with the mobile data network offering the optimal combination of network quality, speed and price. As a result, employees only need to carry one Cloud SIM technology-enabled device when travelling worldwide to stay connected. 

Through its superior technical advantages, unparalleled flexibility and diverse cooperation models, uCloudlink's products and services are suitable for any industry and enterprises of any size. With Cloud SIM technology, uCloudlink improves connection services, powers productivity, and delivers greater convenience for corporate employees and businesses worldwide.




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