uCloudlink's GlocalMe is More Than a Wi-Fi Hotspot Brand
2021-03-01 09:54:02

UCLOUDLINK GROUP INC. (NASDAQ: UCL, "uCloudlink"), the world's first and leading mobile data traffic sharing marketplace, is broadening the business boundaries of its GlocalMe brand to new industries. In addition to offering portable Wi-Fi hotspots, GlocalMe is harnessing new applications brought about by uCloudlink's patented CloudSIM technology to expand its offering to more verticals, customers, and partners.

Through uCloudlink's PaaS and SaaS platform, GlocalMe can integrate the relevant resources of data service suppliers, terminal suppliers and application developers, then intelligently allocate them to end users to enhance user experience.

Powerful, flexible, holistic and open, CloudSIM technology empowers GlocalMe to provide customers, enterprises and partners with innovative connectivity, cross-border IoT and more. GlocalMe® Inside, developed with uCloudlink and third-party providers, gives additional option to offer flexible mobile broadband solutions. By simply installing the GlocalMe App and necessary software codes, users can instantly purchase data through the app and enjoy convenient, high-speed mobile browsing. These technologies are applicable to individual users and enterprises, in order to provide stable and seamless access to high-quality mobile networks anytime, anywhere.

In addition, GlocalMe is paving a new way forward in the IoT space in verticals such as cross-border trade, cold chain storage, and logistics control. The current IoT is dominated by applications within a country that are provided by a single mobile operator, making cross-border solutions challenging and complex. Using CloudSIM technology, GlocalMe enables companies to have a consistent and stable network connection across different devices -- regardless of location, operation, or restrictions of service providers. This can be used to connect various devices, ranging from industrial routers, PDAs, cars and tablet PCs to CPUs, digital signage, vending machines, stores and video surveillance.

Victor Xu, Chief Sales Officer of uCloudlink further explained, "GlocalMe offers diverse cooperation models to suit the needs of different partners and sectors of trade, including value-added services for the travel industry, product distribution and resale for roaming data service franchises and agents, batch product acquisition and integration for systems integrators, and enterprise data services for employees and executives. We welcome partners to join us in this meaningful and promising venture". Beyond its existing frameworks, GlocalMe actively and openly explores new models of cooperation: For instance, the provider has teamed up with Turkish Airlines to offer portable Wi-Fi hotspot purchase and rental to customers. GlocalMe's ever-growing global distribution network also supports partners to operate more efficiently by providing mobile data services in domestic and international markets.

Looking forward, GlocalMe has vast opportunities to expand its business with the support of its parent company, uCloudlink. Presently, uCloudlink has R&D centers in multiple cities and has applied for over 100 patents. With these cutting-edge technologies at its fingertips, GlocalMe is well-placed to explore new opportunities to bring international mobile data services to more industries and partners.

With offices in the United States, Europe, Japan and China, GlocalMe helps users across the world access mobile internet data more efficiently with hardware and software products.




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