New York District Court Rules in Favor of Non-Infringement For uCloudlink
2019-12-11 10:53:54

On December 9, 2019, the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York issued a final order, that the District Court finds uCloudlink’s redesigned devices do not infringe SIMO’s U.S. Patent No. 9,736,689.

The court determined that uCloudlink’s redesigned devices “operate in a materially different manner” and “SIMO has offered no plausible explanation or proof that (…) uCloudlink’s redesigned devices are infringing.” The court lifted the injunction on uCloudlink’s redesigned devices, allowing uCloudlink to sell and support them in the United States.

“We are very pleased at the Court’s decision to rule in our favor,” commented Jeffrey Chen, uCloudlink’s General Counsel. “While the original injunction was only limited to certain models in the United States, and our non-U.S. sales and operations were not affected by this injunction, we can now resume selling all of our re-designed products in the United States. This will allow us to offer to our valued U.S. customers the full benefits from the high-quality data connectivity services and products of uCloudlink. We will continue to challenge the injunction over the original design in our appeal that is currently pending in the appellate court.”

About uCloudlink

Established in 2014, uCloudlink is the world’s first and leading mobile data traffic sharing marketplace, operating in more than 140 countries and regions globally. Powered by its proprietary cloud SIM technology, uCloudlink provides high-speed mobile data connectivity and flexible data packages to its customers and partners worldwide. Through continuous and focused investments in R&D, uCloudlink has as of today close to 100 cloud SIM technology related patents and pending patent applications around the world. uCloudlink started to provide mobile data connectivity services through portable Wi-Fi terminals in 2014. In 2019, uCloudlink commercially launched its GlocalMe Inside implementation for smartphones and other smart hardware terminals, enabling smartphone and other smart hardware terminals to enjoy reliable and high-speed data connectivity at competitive cost. Since October 2019, our cloud SIM platform is 5G ready and can enable mobile network operators and smartphone manufacturers to offer their users roaming-free 5G network access domestically and internationally.

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