uCloudlink Adopts Virtual SIM into 5G Firstly in the World
2019-10-22 17:42:17

A Mobile Industry First Allowing for Seamless Access to Global 5G Networks

【Oct 19, 2019, Shenzhen, China】uCloudlink, an innovative global mobile data service provider, has successfully implemented the world's first SIM card- and roaming-free inter-carrier access across 5G networks. Utilizing GlocalMe Inside, an in-house designed solution by uCloudlink, enables users to be free of SIM card restricted access across different operators’ 5G networks. Access would be unrestricted in multiple countries without the roaming agreements as by preloaded mobile applications on 5G smartphones. Mobile users can enjoy exactly the same quality of service as users on local networks, allowing for access to high speed and low latency 5G services and network experience worldwide, without the need to pay high roaming charges.

GlocalMe Insideutilizing 5G network services

As everyone knows, 5G technology has the advantage of extremely high network speeds and low latency which greatly enhances user experience. However, current 5G network coverage and services have yet to be established universally. The 5G networks of operators only offer services to their localized coverage areas. Due to the differences in coverage among operators, even under non-roaming status, the inability to access 5G services is commonplace. Users therefore do not always receive consistent 5G internet experiences even in the presence of 5G service signals. In the case of roaming, the user experience becomes even worse. Due to roaming settlement constraints, operators often adopt speed limitations or a policy of returning data traffic back to home networks which greatly weakens the high speed and low latency benefits of 5G.

Result of GlocalMe Inside 5G Field Test

By adopting the GlocalMe Inside solution, mobile phones are granted the ability to have real-time optimization 5G network signaling across operators; adjusting to the most suitable virtual SIM card to gain network access, thereby, greatly improving the availability of the access to and usage of 5G networks. Meanwhile, service quality and user experience are greatly enhanced through the use of GlocalMe Inside.

uCloudlink is seeking to work with more mobile phone manufacturers and operators to enhance user experience of 5G networks and global roaming. Service operators can benefit from the improvement of network resource utilization efficiency, thus offering their customers improved user experiences.

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