The uCloudlink PaaS platform is the basis for providing roaming-free mobile data service. Through the platform, the mobile data providers, terminal suppliers and application developers are integrated to dynamically allocate to the end users, so that users can enjoy better mobile Internet experience. At the same time, the demand side and supply side will be benefit from free trading and improve the overall network resource utilization eventually.

The core competencies of uCloudlink PaaS Platform:

●       Powerful

By hosting the SIM resources from 140+ countries / regions around the world, it has now supported more than 250,000 users from the world to connect mobile internet at the same time.

●       Scalability

The platform administrators can control real-time information of network usage and adjust the resources as needed.

●       End-to-end service

Provide comprehensive software service, such as users management, back-end operations and system monitoring. It enables partners in all fields and industries to start the business in short time, as well as, effectively reduce operational and management costs.

●       Open Platform

uCloudlink PaaS platform supports open API for in-depth integration with other platforms.

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