Wireless home broadband is the future trend. Wireless home broadband has the characteristics of fast subscription to mobile services, high speed, and high average return etc. It sometimes replaced fixed network and become the mainstream solution for home broadband. Home broadband is also 5G's most important, mature and earliest commercial scenario. It is replacing fixed home broadband for broadband upgrading in areas where traditional fixed network broadband prevails.

For traditional wireless home broadband services, operators have to wisely select where to deploy the services. Users choose operators and packages based on their own locations, but if the service address is changed, the service may discontinue. CloudSIM technology integrated business areas of all operators Users do not have to choose operators time and again, nor do they have to worry about changes in addresses.

uCloudlink provides a series of products such as Mobile Wi-Fi/CPE with CloudSIM function and Mobile Wi-Fi/CPE with traditional card insertion function.

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