Roamingman is a brand of providing outbound travel network service under uCloudlink. With uCloudlink's patent Cloud SIM technology and qualified service, Roamingman portable Wi-Fi can provide high speed and stable mobile Internet collection to consumers while they are traveling.

Roamingman network coverage includes 140+ countries across 6 continents. Users only need to make a order before the trip, and get the Wi-Fi device by courier or pick up at a designated service point. They can enjoy high-speed Internet access through portable Wi-Fi in the whole journey.

Roamingman service are currently operating in Mainland China, Malaysia, Singapore and United States with 24/7 customer service. Users can get instant support through online live messaging, social media platform, email and hotline.

Since its officially launched its service in Mainland China in 2014, it took less than three years to leap to the top market share. Currently, Roamingman is in leading position not only in sales volume, but also popularity, user evaluation or overview on major online travel platform in China, such as, Taobao Feizhu, Ctrip, etc. Roamingman has also set up auto vendering machines for device pick up or return in airports, ports, terminals, customs, etc at 24 major cities in China.  Users can pick up the portable WiFi at airport before departure, and return it immediately after returning home country. It is surely very convenience to travelers.

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