Roamingman is an in-house Wi-Fi rental business launched by uCloudlink as an application of CloudSIM technology. Roamingman not only promotes the adoption of CloudSIM technology and improves product quality, but also enriches our experience in WIFI rental service market expansion, customer management and maintenance etc. It provides excellent testimonial for CloudSIM related services, such as partner rental business, to make inroads into the global market.

Roamingman has been rolled out in China, Malaysia, Singapore, and the United States etc. It provides 7*24-hour customer service in both Chinese and English. Customers can obtain timely support through WeChat, Facebook, hotline etc. if they have any enquiries.

Roamingman portable Wi-Fi service is available in more than 140 countries/regions across 6 continents. Consumers may obtain high-speed data connection any time during the trip by booking in advance and picking up the device through courier service or collecting it from the service counter.

Since the service was officially launched in China in 2014, it took less than 3 years to achieve market dominance. At present, Roamingman is a leader the market in terms of sales volume, popularity, user evaluation and comprehensive ranking on China's major OTA platforms (Taobao Fliggy and Ctrip, etc.). Roamingman has set up pick-up and return spots in airports, ports, docks, etc. in 24 major cities in China. Users could collect the gadget before departure at the airport and return it immediately upon arrival, simple and convenient.

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