International Roaming is the first scenario of Cloud SIM technology being applied, we also called it UCL1.0.

With global integration and the development of the world economy, various areas, countries and regions are more closely linked. People need ubiquitous mobile data services when they work or travel in various countries around the world. However, it is difficult for travelers to enjoy a price similar to that of the local mobile operators while using international roaming services. Renting Wi-Fi, buying local SIM cards, SIM card roaming, mobile phone roaming and other roaming solutions emerge at the right moment.

Based on Cloud SIM technology, uCloudlink provides mobile phone roaming, portable Wi-Fi roaming (Self-brand leasing, Partner brand leasing and Retail), IoT international roaming and other related services to meet the needs of people to stay connected at any time in cross-border scenarios.  At present, uCloudlink has become the most important product and solution provider for international roaming.

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