HyperConn™ is an advancement from our CloudSIM technology and a universal solution that uses over 10 of our 100 plus patented technology, including our international patent no. S055,S059,S126 to provide best network connection. Speed is only one factor to consider for best network experience as signal strength, interference, routing, networking, distance to server location and how we use the internet connection, will create dissimilar experience even with the same network. We define user experience by best performance in providing a reliable, safe and dynamic network. But most importantly, connection will not drop while you are using it.

We first identify available networks, not from one source, but taking into consideration all that is available out there, including all 4G and 5G mobile broadband signals, and the fixed broad band coverage available. HyperConn™ will detect all available internet signals constantly and dynamically, and make sure all is put into use when needed.

HyperConn™ monitoring system will then use AI to determine the most effective network coverage based on your present location, internet usage and performance of all broadbands available.  HyperConn™ will apply different routing strategy and keep switching to the best performing network when users move around, use internet differently or network performance drop due to any reasons. This crossing of different levels of obstacles, allowing not one, but multiple broadband signals not only as a backup, but full utilization for best performance, is like a car is finally able to make use of all lanes available on a highway without needing to stop for tolls and other barricades.

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