Local Broadband is the Second scenario of Cloud SIM technology being introduced, meet the daily needs of users in a variety of scenarios, we also called it UCL2.0.

The traditional approach such as mobile phone data service, home broadband or the IoT, all choose and subscribe to a sole mobile operator. After signing the contract, users have locked in the price, network coverage and user experience of the chosen mobile operator forsaking lower price, better network coverage and better user experience of others. Changing to another operator, end users need to re-select, sign a new contract, replace SIM card and go through other complicated procedures.

With uCloudlink Cloud SIM technology, users may choose the best network coverage, best user experience and lowest mobile data service price among all available mobile operators based at current location and make different choices at different locations. For Tier2/3 operators, they may utilize other operators' networks through Cloud SIM to make up for insufficient network coverage and/or capacity, improve utilization rate of network, concentrate on improving the capacity and user experience of high value areas, and improve the return on investment of their network. For small and medium-sized operators with insufficient network coverage and limited user pool, they could sell network data services through Cloud SIM to enhance profitability.

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