Cloud SIM is one of uCloudlink's core patented technologies. Based on this technology, uCloudlink has established a global mobile data trading marketplace that enable end users to freely and flexibly use mobile data services provided by different service operators without being restricted by geography, carriers, roaming agreements, etc.

The terminals supporting Cloud SIM technology can detect the real-time information, such as location and account information, then transmit to the uCloudlink PaaS platform.  The platform will analyze the relevant data and network coverage status for instantly allocation of the best suitable resource. The resource allocation for terminals can provide users for a high quality mobile connection services.  Meanwhile, as the changes of environmental status, the PaaS platform will also adjust and replace network resources from time to time to ensure service quality.

From the perspective of users, high-quality mobile Internet services can be enjoy anytime, anywhere, without the need to switch the SIM cards and pay high roaming charges.

The devices supporting uCloudlink's Cloud SIM technology:

•  Roaming-free Portable WiFi

•  GlocalMe® Inside World Phone

•  SIMBOX for multi-SIM management

•  GlocalMe® Inside IoT Module

uCloudlink PaaS Platform provides:

•  Mutli-mode access: APP, WEB, Portal

•  Efficient management tools: BSS, OSS, CRM

•  Open API customerization

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