uCloudlink in Consumer Electronics Show 2023
2023-01-31 15:05:44

uCloudlink Group Inc, the world's leading provider of cloud-based mobile internet solutions, recently participated in the Consumer Electronics Show 2023 with its consumer brand, GlocalMe. The event took place in Jan 5 – 8, 2023 in Las Vegas, United States.

At CES 2023, uCloudlink showcased its flagship product, GlocalMe Numen Air, the 5G portable WiFi hotspot device providing global mobile internet coverage through its innovative cloud SIM technology. The company also highlighted its latest development, GlocalMe Inside, which enables internet connection for other hardware terminals, including smartphones, tablets, and IP cameras, through the Internet of Things (IoT).

"We were thrilled to participate in CES 2023 and to share our vision for the future of mobile internet with the world," said Chen. "The response to GlocalMe and GlocalMe Inside was overwhelmingly positive, and we received a lot of interest from attendees. We're proud to be at the forefront of this revolution, and we're looking forward to continuing to bring our innovative solutions to market." said Chaohui Chen, CEO of UCLOUDLINK.

During the event, uCloudlink had the opportunity to meet with many potential partners and is looking forward to even more partnership opportunities in the future. The company is committed to continuing its development of mobile data connection service and is eager to work with other companies in the industry to bring innovative solutions and terminals to market.

For more information about uCloudlink’s technology and development, please visit https://www.ucloudlink.com/html/company/ or you might visit GlocalMe website for details of the Product line. 


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