uCloudlink's GlocalMe® Introduces Mini Turbo, a Compact HyperConn®-Enabled Wi-Fi Device Offering Borderless Mobile Internet Connection
2021-10-22 14:15:07

GlocalMe®, a product and service brand of UCLOUDLINK GROUP INC. ("uCloudlink") (NASDAQ: UCL), the world's first and leading mobile data traffic sharing marketplace, today introduced Mini Turbo, a compact, lightweight portable 4G Wi-Fi hotspot equipped with HyperConn® Lite, a Qualcomm chipset and a 2.4-inch touch display that offers visualized information of device status and makes it easier for users to navigate all the impressive features that Mini Turbo has to offer.

The pandemic has prompted a shift to remote lifestyles for workers and students around the world as businesses transitioned from offices to homes and education institutions placed more emphasis on online teaching. This trend has given rise to a hybrid working and learning habit, with more people choosing to study and work at home and on the road. As this mobile lifestyle is here to stay, speedy, reliable and secure access to the Internet unbounded by location and time is more important than ever.

A bespoke solution for digital nomads and remote learners, as well as a great companion in the business and home office setup, Mini Turbo supports all the major 4G LTE bands around the world and comes in a minimalist and ultra-slim form factor that maintains a perfect performance balance in terms of speed, reliability and efficiency. It features uCloudlink's CloudSIM service that allows users to enjoy SIM-free Internet coverage in over 140 countries and regions, while its proprietary HyperConn® Lite ensures an uninterrupted, seamless and secure high-speed Internet experience by selecting the optimal and robust network services for users.

With its powerful 3000mAh battery yet weighed only 130 grams, the pocket-sized Wi-Fi hotspot can support 10 devices simultaneously and is able to operate for up to 10 hours at full capacity, helping users maintain high productivity, stay connected with friends and family or enjoy immersive entertainment throughout the day. For added flexibility, Mini Turbo is also fitted with a USB Type-port and an extra nano-SIM card slot.

"We're thrilled to bring uCloudlink's industry-leading mobile Internet solutions to our customers with Mini Turbo. It is designed to allow our users to benefit from uCloudlink's HyperConn® and other unique features in a compact package that comes with long battery life, so they enjoy all-day smooth and undisrupted Internet connectivity without feeling any burden of carrying an additional device in their pockets," said Chaohui Chen, Chief Executive Officer of uCloudlink, "In addition to offering a fast, reliable and personal WiFi connection on the go, Mini Turbo not only can enhance an existing indoor broadband network at home and office but also serve as a backup device in case the wired Internet fails."

Mini Turbo will be on sale in the US with a retail price of US$169.99. Customers in the US can purchase the product on GlocalMe official website and GlocalMe Amazon store, other sales channel can be found here.


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