uCloudlink and Zaffari Bring Better Data Connectivity to South America
2021-08-26 10:02:12

UCLOUDLINK GROUP INC. (NASDAQ: UCL, "uCloudlink"), the world's first and leading mobile data traffic sharing marketplace, has inked a new partnership agreement with Zaffari Sports S.A.S. ("Zaffari"), a sports and outdoor retailer based in Medellin, Colombia, to bring its mobile broadband (MBB) products and services to the South American markets.

Under the agreement, Zaffari will resell uCloudlink's MBB products and services to sporting enthusiasts and hobbyists throughout the region, including its portable Wi-Fi hotspots, smartphone devices, and international and local mobile data services. Such products and services are powered by uCloudlink's PaaS and SaaS platform, making them ideally suited to a range of outdoor activities from adventure sports to camping and running.

uCloudlink's latest cooperation agreement forms part of its ongoing global expansion strategy, as it seeks to bring its MBB products and services to more individuals, companies and partners around the world. The company has expanded its PaaS and SaaS ecosystem with new partnerships in various regions, including the Asia-Pacific, European, and North American markets.

Earlier this year, uCloudlink established cooperation agreements with ANZ CLOUDLINK in Australia, Shore Access in the Philippines and HKM in Indonesia, etc. In Europe, the company has also partnered together with new partnerships in the United Kingdom, as well as invested in France's iQsim. Across the Atlantic, uCloudlink has also expanded its presence in the United States and Canada.

All of these new partnerships are made possible by the strength of uCloudlink's CloudSIM technology and innovative HyperConn™ solution. Leveraging mobile data services provided by different service providers, CloudSIM technology enables users to stay connected on the go without being restricted by their geographical location or carrier roaming agreements. By analyzing the relevant data and network coverage status based on the user's location, uCloudlink instantly utilizes the better suitable resource in order to provide customers with stable and secure high-quality mobile connection services anytime, anywhere.

Building upon its existing offering, uCloudlink has further revolutionized mobile data connectivity with its new HyperConn™ solution. Launched during MWC Barcelona on June 30, HyperConn solution enables the better and effective network coverage based on a user's present location, internet usage and performance of all broadband networks available. This dynamic and seamless switching also guarantees the network will never fail. Moreover, uCloudlink's asset-light model enables the company to quickly expand its products and services around the world through its extensive global partner ecosystem.

With its MBB products and services and PaaS and SaaS ecosystem, uCloudlink providers users and partners with reliable high-speed mobile connectivity at an affordable price. Looking ahead, the company plans to continue investing in R&D, in order to enable more people to connect without limitations.



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