uCloudlink's GlocalMe® to Provide New Rental Service to US Customers
2021-06-02 14:50:04

GlocalMe®, a product and service brand of UCLOUDLINK GROUP INC. (NASDAQ: UCL, "uCloudlink" or "the Company"), the world's first and leading mobile data traffic sharing marketplace, has announced its new rental service for customers in the U.S. as the world's largest economy has seen gradual travel recovery recently.

The travel market is on its way to recovery as COVID-19 vaccinations being distributed globally. It is reported that domestic leisure travel in the U.S. is rebounding as the summer season approaches. Also, the EU has planned a summer opening for vaccinated tourists.

"Our customers have higher demands of traveling domestically or abroad than last year," said Victor Xu, Chief Sales Officer at uCloudlink. "With the new rental service, we hope to provide U.S. consumers with smooth and secure WiFi connection services, whether by owning a personal WiFi hotspot device or renting a device for a short trip. It is still a priority for them to have a superior connection to the Internet and stay informed as there is still some uncertainty. For now, we have put the US domestic market, European countries, as well as Caribbean islands on our top list of launching the new rental service."

GlocalMe® is updating its website and the new rental section will be exclusively available on the GlocalMe® website. For all existing users, the Company has pledged to continue offering the same and even upgraded services and data plans. Users can expect better data rates and more flexibility to use the WiFi services of GlocalMe®. GlocalMe® also has a trade-in program in place for those who would like to obtain the latest cutting-edge devices.

GlocalMe® will also offer more perks to retain users with an up to 40% off discount available to all GlocalMe® and current Roaming Man users — from May 28 to May 31— for device purchases, selected data plans and rental services, among others.

"Our main reasoning behind the upgrade lies in GlocalMe's strategy to deliver a unified message along with consistent and flexible services for our customers. With our 'Always Better Connected' vision constantly in our mind's eye, we aim to consistently improve our services for our global clients," said Xu.

The new GlocalMe® rental service reflects uCloudlink's ambition to expand its business and better serve the U.S. market. It is also likely to bring the Company a stronger voice for its global networks. With a more unified marketing image, uCloudlink is expected to significantly benefit from the integration and reach more deals and collaborations with partners and mobile carriers to form a sound ecosystem in the industry.

This is just part of the Company's slew of actions to expand its business. For example, it recently announced a plan to broaden its business by harnessing new applications powered by its patented CloudSIM technology to extend its offerings. As such, GlocalMe® is working to make a splash in the internet-of-things space in sectors such as cross-border trade, cold chain storage and logistics control, among others.




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