uCloudlink's GlocalMe Takes Center Stage at the 2021 IoT Tech Expo
2021-03-26 16:22:11

UCLOUDLINK GROUP INC. (NASDAQ: UCL, "uCloudlink"), the world's first and leading mobile data traffic sharing marketplace, participated in the 2021 IoT Tech Expo from March 17-18, which was held virtually this year. Its Chief Sales Officer Dr. Victor Xu delivered a virtual talk on Day 2 entitled, "How CloudSIM can speed up IoT", during which he discussed the advantages offered by its mobile broadband solution, GlocalMe.

During the presentation, Dr. Xu highlighted how GlocalMe's parent company, uCloudlink, as a technology pioneer, has transformed the mobile broadband industry with innovations such as its patented CloudSIM technology. CloudSIM identifies the most optimal network available intelligently and in real-time, realizing "instant switching". This groundbreaking technology powers GlocalMe's solutions, which helps users around the world access the Internet more efficiently through both hardware and software products. In addition to portable Wi-Fi hotspots, GlocalMe is realizing new applications as it expands its solutions to serve more verticals, customers, and partners.

As consumers go "wireless-first", a stable and robust wireless connection has become essential for devices and applications to run without lag or interruption. This is especially important when it comes to IoT. The current IoT space is dominated by country-specific applications supported by a single mobile operator, which makes cross-border operations a challenge. Moreover, IoT requires far more than a solid Internet connection. An essential part of IoT is how smart devices are able to communicate with one another.

"We have recently announced our upcoming work with China CVITC to build the next generation of smart containers," said Said Dr. Xu. "uCloudlink's CloudSIM technology enables container logistics companies to use mobile data services freely and flexibly to obtain real-time feedback on utilization status; regardless of location, operation, or restrictions of network service providers. Its smart multi-network reselection technology also reduces cross-mobile network switching time to milliseconds, allowing connection quality to always be stable and highly compatible with the vast needs of Internet-of-thing (IoT) applications." 

uCloudlink's technology overcomes these hurdles because of three key features. The CloudSIM solution comes with a management platform that centralizes hosting, real-time information, analysis, and decision-making. It would achieve hyper-connectivity by ensuring a stable network connection that is cross-device, cross-operator, and cross-border. Moreover, GlocalMe, which is anchored in CloudSIM technology, is incredibly flexible. Not only can the service be adjusted based on business needs, but users do not need to worry about a physical SIM card, roaming fees, pre-payment, or contractual obligations. They can define how and when they need an optimal Internet connection, as they move around the world and connect their various devices to GlocalMe.

Thanks to its international partnerships, uCloudlink has successfully launched its innovative solutions around the world, creating a seamless user experience that stretches across more than 140 countries. Moving forward, the technology pioneer is opening the opportunity to engage even more partners in its business expansion.




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