Outstanding Growth in U.S. Market Despite Travel Restrictions
2021-02-19 16:28:41

UCLOUDLINK GROUP INC. (NASDAQ: UCL, "uCloudlink"), the world's first and leading mobile data traffic sharing marketplace, has reported outstanding results in the U.S. over the past six months for its GlocalMe brand with an 100% uptick in the website traffic of its local e-commerce site, as well as a new record of monthly registered users in its APP in final quarter of 2020, which exceeded its historical peak in 2019 pre COVID-19. Off the back of its phenomenal success, uCloudlink will launch GlocalMe brand's local e-commerce sites for European market in 2021, commencing with France.

Although travel has been largely restricted due to the pandemic, the demand for reliable, portable network connectivity is of greater importance than ever before. Safety concerns and social distancing measures associated with COVID-19 are driving more Americans to stay home; and rising trends in remote work, distance learning and online activities mean that staying connected is an absolute necessity. Tapping into different sources of wireless data, aside from home networks or mobile data, can help deliver this constant connectivity in the 'new normal'.

uCloudlink's GlocalMe brand offers full-frequency support with a stable network, flexible data plans and high-speed connections. With GlocalMe devices, users enjoy wider coverage and a more reliable connection compared to a traditional Wi-Fi hotspot from a mobile carrier - making online work and activities a breeze in any location. While this feature makes GlocalMe the ideal travel companion, it is also a must-have accessory in today's environment, where a strong online connection is frequently needed as users find themselves working or learning remotely.

The company is also expanding its product and service penetration to provide more customers with reliable connectivity, high speeds and competitive pricing by offering a range of cooperation models with different organizations. In the upcoming February, GlocalMe will partner with Turkish Airlines to launch a campaign - customers who buy GlocalMe devices on GlocalMe's US site, will be offered with Miles&Smiles loyalty points which could be used in their future flights with Turkish Airlines. With GlocalMe 's devices on hand and Miles&Smiles miles awarded, customers will be able to enjoy not only superior mobile connectivity at anywhere and at any time, but also value-added services for their travelling plan.

In strategic key markets with high growth potential such as the United States and Europe, uCloudlink continues to enhance its e-commerce efforts with the intention of opening more new business opportunities to facilitate its business growth and performance in the future. Looking ahead, the company plans to launch new products to help users stay connected while working and learning from home. The brand is also forging new partnerships with like-minded companies, as well as developing new content, to offer even more value for its customers. 




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