uCloudlink and Its GlocalMe Brand Achieve Global Growth
2021-02-19 16:21:30

UCLOUDLINK GROUP INC. (NASDAQ: UCL, "uCloudlink"), the world's first and leading mobile data traffic sharing marketplace, has seen global expansion across its various markets in the past year, despite the challenges brought about by COVID-19. The company, which was already on an upward trajectory prior to COVID-19, has continued to strive and grow during 2020 with its brand GlocalMe. As a mobile data connection solution brand, GlocalMe helps users across the world to access mobile internet data more efficiently with a range of its own hardware and software products around the world.

"Our long-established international partnerships have helped launched GlocalMe products in the US and other parts of the world. We are excited to help partners to broaden their business boundaries to new industries by applying CloudSIM technology," said Victor Xu, Chief Sales Officer of uCloudlink.

Leveraging its CloudSIM technology, uCloudlink has established a global mobile data traffic sharing marketplace that supports partners to deliver superior connectivity, high speeds, and competitive pricing to customers. The company's global ecosystem is enabled by its vast range of cooperation models, which include providing superior connection service for enterprise clients, value-add services for travel-related organizations, integration of IoT solutions, and more. With an asset-light model and easy-to-scale business ecosystem built upon its PaaS and SaaS platform, the company provides partners with three core benefits: superior service for end-users, the extension of offerings or new business development, and additional revenue streams.

The company's long-standing agreements extend across various regions and industries. uCloudlink has worked with various mobile network operators (MNOs) globally such as NTT, Softbank Group in Japan and China Unicom Shenzhen in mainland China to elevate their users' experience with superior data connectivity services. uCloudlink has also teamed up with Japan-based business partners to support the country's digitization efforts, providing a stable mobile broadband access environment, even in areas where it is difficult to lay optic fiber.

In Europe, the company worked with car rental brand AVIS providing travelers with always-on Wi-Fi connectivity for six years. Meanwhile, its five-year-long enterprise partnership with ING Bank has helped employees enjoy high-quality reliable mobile network access during business trips while reducing the cost of roaming. 

The above-mentioned global experience and successful models have paved the way for GlocalMe products and services, making it well accepted in more regions. Looking ahead, GlocalMe will continue to provide a stable network, flexible data plans and high-speed connections for more customers to be always better connected.




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