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Connecting and Sharing without Limitations.

Improve global mobility by enhancing and sharing CloudSIM technologies with the world.

uCloudlink is the global leader in its proprietary CloudSIM services(brand-named GlocalMe®),dedicated to make global mobility more accessible to all. The innovative GlocalMe® enables international travelers to access mobile internet globally with a GlocalMe®-powered mobile device at local-comparable or more attractive rates.  Facilitated by GlocalMe®, international travelers for mobile internet access overseas will never be hindered by shopping for local SIM cards or coiling from high expenses of roaming data.

The Company was founded by a group of highly experienced executives and ICT experts in 2009 and launched its first product and service in 2014. uCloudlink is globally organized with over 800 employees that operates mainly out of Hong Kong(China) (where its HQ and major CloudSIM data centers are located) , China (R&D), as well as UK, US, and Belgium( regional operation centers).  Propelled by the quality of its products and services, the Company is now the leader in this new market segment in China and elsewhere.  It’s ability to handle high usage volume is proven (peak device*day volume reached over 1.7M in Jan 2017; >1 million customers). With its revolutionary technology and future-looking business model, the Company stands ready to be an industry disruptor in this insatiable worldwide mobile data market.

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