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Nowadays, every mobile phone manufacturers keep upgrading the hardware of smartphone such as full screen, fingerprint and face unlock, camera quality, etc. However, what problems have been solved by these improvements? Do consumers really need these improvements? Someone might even come with the conjecture of product life circle shortening.

uCloudlink blaze a trail with the deep understanding in the era of Internet of Everything. The Internet access becomes the basic and fundamental needs to everyone in the world. Therefore, we have launched the innovative mobile solution, GlocalMe® Inside. We aim at creating the best world phone in the globe.

GlocalMe® Inside Global Mobile Data Solution

GlocalMe® Inside is the innovative global mobile data traffic service by uCloudlink. With the built-in GlocalMe Connect APP, the world phone users can enjoy the unprecedented data connection experience carried by CloudSIM technology. 

The highlights of World Phone

1. Mobile phone comes with (global) data – No longer worry about for the Internet access wherever you are
With the original global mobile data package, the world phone users can connect to the mobile network of global service providers through the GlocalMe Connect APP. Stay away from the hassle of multiple SIM cards management and application process like the misunderstanding of complex data package choices, language barriers etc.) or looking for free Wi-Fi and the related security risk. 

2. Smart connection to the best local network – breaking the access limitation of single operator . Real-time detection and selection of mobile network with the best signal .
GlocalMe® Inside mobile data service can intelligently select the best local mobile network according to the network conditions, such as switching among AT&T, T-mobile and Vodafone. You can enjoy online games, watch videos and shop at anytime and anywhere. 

3. Roaming-free global data in local rates - Say goodbye to expensive roaming charges
uCloudlink collaborates with over 300 service operators in more than 100 countries and regions around the world. It enables users to use your phone abroad freely like you are at home. What if you can enjoy premium Internet service in the better rate than most of the foreigners? At least, you cannot imagine before the introduction of world phone.

4. Network sharing for 5 people at the same time – Efficient network solution for group travel 
GlocalMe® Inside mobile data service can create private mobile network hotspot for connection up to 5 devices seamlessly. 

5. Full-band standard - compatible with global frequency

The world phone can surely work anywhere in the world. You can simply put in all SIM card as it operate on a frequency that is supported by networks around the world

Successful Cooperation Case

● GlocalMe Inside Global Phone was co-launched by Hong Kong Broadband and TVB on April 12, 2018

● Global Phone comes with data service plan across local and global mobile network  
● Users can enjoy TVB related and entertainment program globally through built-in APP on global phone anytime 

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