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Products & Services

 “CloudSIM” services (brand-named GlocalMe®)empower travelers who wish to easily get high-speed mobile data access in over100+ countries and regionswithout the high cost of international roaming fees charged by their home mobile carriers.  Upon arrival at a destination, GlocalMe customers can simply turn on their devices.  Moments later, a “CloudSIM” would be dynamically loaded onto their devices, using the best 4G local carrier available.  No need to find a local phone company to purchase a local SIM card, or wait to go through a complex registration process.  Users only pay for the actual amount of data used (easily managed viaGlocalMe’s App), at anaffordable ratemuch lower than international data roaming charges.  GlocalMe supported devices include a growing number of smartphones (e.g.,Xiaomi, CoolPad, etc.), as well as mobile MiFi hotspot devices (multiple models).  The latter (which practically supports all existing smartphones/tablets) is offered by uCloudlink on a purchased (e.g., fromAmazon) orrentalbasis.

The unique technology andarchitecture developed by uCloudlink differentiates it from other competitors.  It is protected by over 20 international patents and goes way beyond the eSIM or Virtual SIM others talked about.

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