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Based on the real-time location and information reported from GlocalMe device, the condition of network, and the account packages, uCloudlink CloudSIM platform would identify and connect to the most suitable resource for the terminal. This allows for the device to connect to the best local network, so the user can effortlessly enjoy the quality data services through our product. From the user perspective, they now have premium mobile data to access the internet at a local price without the replacement of SIM cards.

SIM Bank and SIM Card Management Service

l  SIM bank with ample SIM card capacity (140+ countries and regions)

l  Local SIM card management service/SIM card hosting services

uCloudlink PaaS Platform

l  Customers tools (APP,Web,Portal)

l  Business tools (BSS,OSS, CRM)

l  Open APIs

GlcoalMe Roaming-free Data Service and Terminals

l  Roaming-free portable Wi-Fi

l  Worldphone 

l  Multi-SIM management experts SIMBOX 

l  SIM-free standard interface IoT

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