With the rapid growth of the Internet of Things, more traditional machines and devices have network requirements. However, there are many limitations when they are connecting with traditional data lines aor plug-in networks. Therefore, uCloudlink is committed to applying Cloud SIM technology to the IoT M2M solution, and cooperates with leading intelligent module manufacturers to launch a series of intelligent module products supporting uCloudlink's Cloud SIM solution.  It can be widely integrated and applied to industrial routers, wireless routers/ CPE, walkie-talkie, POS machines, vending machines and other equipment.

The integration of intelligent modules with Cloud SIM  enable the terminal devices to have global access and solves traffic-related problems. The devices come with features of global data traffic and is able to connect to the mobile Internet once the devices started.

Neither wasting the time and resource for sourcing and installing SIM cards, the device production and solution deployment can rapidly completed all around the world.

The intelligent network selection feature can connect the device to the better signal among the service operators, which is not limited by a single network. It improves the overall network coverage and resolves the problem of insufficient coverage of a single operator. It can also assist the rapid business expansion.

In addition, uCloudlink opens its PaaS platform to partners and customers. The network status, traffic usage, location tracking and other related information of all devices can be queried in real time. It realizes the remote monitoring of global terminals and create a one-stop connection experience.

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