uCloudlink also provide local network connectivity service to consumers and brings the following competitive advantages:

Firstly, based on the patented Cloud SIM technology, it reduces various limitations of users' network access. The devices will flexibly select and connect the best network signal according to the instantaneous network coverage of the location, so as to maintain the best experience. This advantage will be more significant in some countries or regions where have big difference in coverage area of each carriers.

Secondly, uCloudlink has developed extensive cooperation with more than 200 major mobile operatos around the world, the demand for massive data traffic, and the operating model of shared data traffic pool. All the above features make uCloudlink with the ability to provide more cost-effective network connectivity services to end users.

In addition, for some enterprises that have large mobile data usage requirements in everyday work. uCloudlink mobile network services can reduce the operating costs of enterprises and bring additional benefits, such as enhanced management capabilities and improved work efficiency.

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