uCloudlink Mobile Data Service provides network connectivity services for global travelers. By using the mobile devices that support uCloudlink's Cloud SIM technology, including: uCloudlink's branded portable WiFi device or world phone, and GlocalMe Inside World Phone, users can connect local mobile internet in more than 140 countries and regions without switching SIM card or using data roaming service.

Users do not need to sign long-term contracts, they can purchase and use data at any time. The price of service provided by uCloudlink is close to that of the local users, which is very attractive by comparing with pricey international roaming cost.

In addition, the service comes with a bright spot. Due to the adoption of the patented Cloud SIM technology, the devices can connect to the networks of multiple mobile operators, and the uCloudlink PaaS platform can instantly and intelligently allocate network resource or adjust the connection signals with the real-time information of the devices.  It ensures the users can always connect to the best local network at the time and enjoy quality network services.

Note: As of Aug 2019, uCloudlink's global mobile data service has covered 140+ countries and regions. 

uCloudlink's Network Coverage - Service in 140+ Countries and Regions

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