What is GlocalMe Inside?

GlocalMe Inside is a mobile network service jointly provided by uCloudlink and smartphone manufacturers. GlocalMe mobile application and related software codecan be integrated to the terminals without modification on the hardware.

Then,end users can easily purchase and enjoy the global mobile data services via GlocalMe mobile app.

uCloudlink will be responsible for the data traffic operation while supporting the joint marketing promotion and sharing the revenue with smartphone manufactures.

Technology Comparison

“GlocalMe's technology is completely different from Soft SIM / eSIM, and it is much better in commercialization.”

• More Secure and Accessible

• More Reliable with Guaranteed Service

• Dynamic Intelligent Network Reselection

• Lower Cost

• Wider Network Coverage

Cooperation Value

For Service Operators

uCloudlink can jointly develop, customize and operate mobile APPs, which leads to mutual benefits, including better service quality, 5G roaming capability and lower cost, etc. for both operators and consumers.

For Smartphone Manufactures

GlocalMe Inside makes smartphones more attractive and good for selling.

Supported Chipsets

• Qualcomm

• Unisoc

• Mediatek

JointlyR&D Focus On

• System Authorities Management

• Cloud SIM APP & Modem Patch Integration

• Tests for Cloud SIM & Software

If you are interest in the cooperation of GlocalMe Inside, please contact us here.

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