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To allow people enjoy the best mobile data connection and service no matter when or where they are 

uCloudlink was founded in 2011, to provide global mobile data service to billions of users. uCloudlink established the first mobile data transaction platform based on using the CloudSIM Solution. “GlocalMe” and “Roamingman” are the two main brands which focus on two different service models with one being in sales and the other being in rental business respectively.


In Sep 2015, uCloudlink unveiled the first portable Wi-Fi device that supports 4G network – GlocalMe G2. It provided high speed network service in more than 100 countries and regions without the need for SIM cards. Though the release of this product, it allowed for uCloudlink to rapidly become the leader in the portable Wi-Fi industry. In Apr 2018, uCloudlink unveiled the epochal World Phone, and realized the concept “mobile data follows the mobile phone, roaming-free, travel around the world”.


uCloudlink have established more than 20 branches in China, and oversea branches all over the world. The total number of employees currently exceeds 1200, with more than 50% involved with research and development. To date uCloudlink has ownership of 59 patents, including 47 being technical patents. As of Q2, 2018, uCloudlink’s accumulative number of global service users has exceeded 3 hundred million; with the maximum number of daily online users having exceeded 6 hundred thousand.

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