About us

uCloudlink was founded in 2011, to provide global mobile data service to billions of users. uCloudlink established the first mobile data transaction platform based on using the CloudSIM Solution. “GlocalMe” and “Roamingman” respectively are the own consumer brand and Wi-Fi rental service brand of our company.


In September 2015, uCloudlink launched the world’s first universal 4G roaming-free mobile Wi-Fi device, GlocalMe G2. Users can use G2 with no local SIM card and start up at high speed in more than 100 countries around the world. In April 2018, we released the self-developed global phone, truly achieving ‘mobile phone with own data flow, connect global, pay local.’


As of 2019Q1, the total number of employees is around 1,000 employees, with more than 50% of them are R&D engineers, working for uCloudlink. The company has owned 50+ technical patents, constructed 20+ branches in China, and numbers of oversea branches.


Connecting and sharing without limitations

Make people stay best connected and maximize network utilization through mobile data traffic sharing 

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